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Activities and Interests
Activities and Interests

Find your perfect escape from your everyday life while satisfying your need for adventure. Whether you're looking for solitude or socialization on your next vacation, we've got great ideas for your upcoming trip. Choose what you'd like to do, from fishing to skiing, hiking to horseback riding and we'll help you decide how to get there. Our travel packages offer a wide range of activities across a multitude of destinations - which means you're guaranteed to find the perfect escape from your everyday life on your next vacation.

2015 : Waterways of the Tsars - St. Petersburg to Moscow from $5,696.00 (USD)
Destination: Scandinavia/Russia
Ship: Viking Truvor
Thinking of Russia, two great cities immediately come to mind: Moscow and St. Petersburg.
2016 : European Sojourn - Amsterdam to Bucharest
Destination: Europe
Ship: Viking Ingvi
Cruise the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers through eight European countries on this 23-day epic journey.
2016 : Imperial Jewels of China - Beijing to Shanghai from $2,792.00 (USD)
Destination: Asia/Far East
Ship: Viking Emerald
This phenomenal itinerary presents China's key highlights in just 13 days.
2016 : Christmastime on the Danube - Westbound (WVN) - Impression from $2,369.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: Impression
Enjoy the festive atmosphere from Vienna to Prague and all along the legendary Danube on this enchanting river cruise vacation.
Castles along the Rhine (2015) : River Empress from $2,899.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Empress
OVERVIEWBe inspired by the fairytale beauty and romantic spirit of the castle-laden, vineyard-rich Rhine.
Venice & the Gems of Northern Italy (2016) : River Countess from $3,399.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Countess
OVERVIEW Celebrate the "Queen of the Adriatic" and uncover the hidden treasures of Northern Italy.
Parisian Holiday (2015) : River Baroness from $2,799.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Baroness
OVERVIEWParis is a dazzling package just waiting to be unwrapped. The "City of Light" glows with extra magic during the holidays.
Rhine Discovery & Prague (2015) : River Ambassador from $3,699.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Ambassador
OVERVIEWDiscover the beauty of Prague, the "City of Spires," and sail down two glorious rivers-the peaceful Main and the romantic R...
Castles along the Rhine (2015) : S.S. Antoinette from $3,099.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: S.S. Antoinette
OVERVIEWBe inspired by the fairytale beauty and romantic spirit of the castle-laden, vineyard-rich Rhine.
Splendors of Egypt & the Nile (2016) : River Tosca from $4,799.00 (USD)
Destination: Holy Land/Middle East
Ship: River Tosca
OVERVIEWCruise the Nile in a manner once reserved for queens and pharaohs.
Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise (2016) : S.S. Maria Theresa from $5,799.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: S.S. Maria Theresa
OVERVIEW Discover heaven on Earth with a grand cruise through picture-perfect Christmas countries.
European Jewels (2015) : River Empress from $7,099.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Empress
OVERVIEWTravel through time along three great rivers, uncovering the true jewels of European history, culture, and art.
Enchanting Christmas & New Year's Cruise (2016) : River Beatrice from $4,999.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Beatrice
OVERVIEW Experience the enchantment of the holidays on the Danube and ring in the New Year in grand style.
Castles along the Rhine (2016) : River Empress from $2,899.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Empress
OVERVIEW Be inspired by the fairytale beauty and romantic spirit of the castle-laden, vineyard-rich Rhine.
Eastern Europe Explorer (2015) : River Princess from $3,699.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Princess
OVERVIEWAn extraordinary voyage awaits the traveler who wishes to venture off the beaten path in Eastern Europe.
GLOBUS 2015: Parks & Canyons Spectacular with Denver (APQ) from $3,389.00 (USD)
Marvel at the West's premier natural wonders on this multi-state vacation. Your trip starts in Denver and heads to Rapid City, South Dakota, with visits to the Crazy Horse Memorial and Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
GLOBUS 2015: German Highlights (ZD) from $2,629.00 (USD)
For those who want to see the highlight cities of Germany, this vacation is a perfect fit.
Europe Costsaver 2015: Jewels of Italy 2015 from $1,395.00 (USD)
Tour Type: CostSaverBrochure Type: Europe Costsaver 2015Enjoy all the Jewels of Italy on this adventure of a lifetime. A Local Specialist will take you on a tour from the Vatican City to glorious Ancient Rome to view the Forum and mighty Colosseum.
Europe & Britain First Class 2015: European Whirl with Eurostar 2015 from $4,110.00 (USD)
Tour Type: DiscoveriesBrochure Type: Europe & Britain First Class 2015A bestseller for a reason, this journey around Europe's most popular countries and cities brings together the best of its history, scenery, legends, locals and experiences.
Eastern Mediterranean 2015: Best of Turkey plus 7 day Aegean Cruise Premier 2015 from $4,383.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Country ExplorerBrochure Type: Eastern Mediterranean 2015The calm of Anzac cove and the Lone Pine cemetery introduces this exploration into Turkey, where ancient ruins and Whirling Dervishes map your path towards Istanbul's Blue Mosque.
Eastern Mediterranean 2015: Aegean Odyssey Premier 2015 from $2,942.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Cruise Rail and CombosBrochure Type: Eastern Mediterranean 2015The bustling capitals, coastal beauty and laid-back islands of Greece and Turkey are the focus, on a voyage from ancient Athens to fun-loving Mykonos, via Rhodes, Symi, Crete, ...
2015: National Parks & Canyon Country with Little Bighorn and Rapid City (8610) from $1,979.00 (USD)
On this vacation, marvel at the West's premier natural wonders and see spectacular scenery, memorials, monuments, parks, canyons, and much more.
2015: Ultimate South America with Brazil's Amazon (1202) from $4,699.00 (USD)
Begin this great journey in the Brazilian Amazon, then discover two of South America's greatest cities at a leisurely pace. Finish it all off with a visit to the continent's top destination: Peru.
2015: Naturally New Zealand with Sydney (IPNC) from $4,319.00 (USD)
Eastern Mediterranean 2015: Secrets of Greece including Corfu with Santorini Extension 2015 from $4,050.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Hidden JourneysBrochure Type: Eastern Mediterranean 2015The classic attractions of Athens and Olympia mix with hidden sights, quiet villages and sleepy island life to unveil the real Greece as you meet locals and travel beyond the traditio...
GLOBUS 2015: La France (RA) from $3,979.00 (USD)
This is the ideal vacation to explore the highlight cities and sights of France. Enjoy 2-night stays in Paris, Bordeaux, and Monte Carlo.
GLOBUS 2015: Spectacular Switzerland (ZH) from $2,789.00 (USD)
Enjoy a vacation in the most spectacular mountains and lakes of Switzerland.
USA and Canada 2015: Costa Rica Eco Adventure 2015 from $1,595.00 (USD)
Tour Type: RegionalBrochure Type: USA and Canada 2015All the iconic experiences of Costa Rica come together on this eco-adventure: visiting Tortuguero National Park, seeing Arenal Volcano and walking through the treetops at Monteverde Cloud Forest.
GLOBUS 2015: Classic Fall Foliage (AB) from $2,399.00 (USD)
New England is steeped in history and known for its amazing fall foliage, and on this vacation you'll have a chance to experience the spectacular beauty and historic places.
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