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Activities and Interests
Activities and Interests

Find your perfect escape from your everyday life while satisfying your need for adventure. Whether you're looking for solitude or socialization on your next vacation, we've got great ideas for your upcoming trip. Choose what you'd like to do, from fishing to skiing, hiking to horseback riding and we'll help you decide how to get there. Our travel packages offer a wide range of activities across a multitude of destinations - which means you're guaranteed to find the perfect escape from your everyday life on your next vacation.

2017 : Grand European Tour - Budapest to Amsterdam from $4,299.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: Viking Ve
Travel through the heart of EuropeFrom Holland's windmills and tulip fields to Germany's fairy-tale castles and the picturesque vineyards ...
2017 : Elegant Elbe - Berlin to Prague from $2,899.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: Viking Astrild
Journey to Berlin, Dresden & PragueTour the opulent palaces of Saxon monarchs; sail between the dramatic sandstone cliffs of Germany'...
2017 : The Legendary Danube (WNB) - Expression from $3,023.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: Expression
From the splendor of Prague to the Gypsy violins of Budapest, you'll treasure every moment of this memorable Danube River cruise.
2017 : Danube Dreams - Westbound (WBP) - Passion from $3,482.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: Passion
On this magnificent cruise vacation, enjoy seeing some of Central Europe's splendid capitals-Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, and Prague-as wel...
Holland & Belgium at Tulip Time (2017) : River Ambassador from $3,249.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Ambassador
OVERVIEWImmerse yourself in the vibrant springtime splendor of Europe's Low Countries.
Danube Holiday Markets (2017) : S.S. Maria Theresa from $3,149.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: S.S. Maria Theresa
OVERVIEWA festive Yuletide river cruise through the heart of old-world Europe.
Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise (2017) : River Beatrice from $5,799.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Beatrice
OVERVIEWCelebrate two holidays on a truly grand voyage along the resplendent Danube River.
Burgundy & Provence (2017) : S.S. Catherine from $3,149.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: S.S. Catherine
OVERVIEWA journey through the beautiful landscapes that inspired the Impressionists.
Tulips & Windmills (2017) : River Queen from $3,549.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Queen
OVERVIEWA beautiful springtime journey that ventures beyond the region's most iconic symbols.
A Portrait of Majestic France (2017) : River Royale from $5,799.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Royale
OVERVIEWThe quintessential voyage for gourmets, oenophiles and lovers of all things French.
Castles along the Rhine (2017) : River Empress from $2,649.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Empress
OVERVIEWSavor the fairytale ambiance and dramatic beauty of the castle-lined Rhine River.
Portraits of Eastern Europe (2017) : River Beatrice from $8,099.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Beatrice
;OVERVIEWAn in-depth journey offering a new perspective on European history and culture.
European Holiday Markets (2017) : River Beatrice from $2,949.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: River Beatrice
OVERVIEWEurope's quintessential charms make the holiday season even more enchanting.
Portugal, Spain & the Douro River Valley (2017) : Queen Isabel from $3,749.00 (USD)
Destination: Europe
Ship: Queen Isabel
OVERVIEWAn extraordinary journey designed for culturally curious travelers.
Timeless Wonders of Vietnam, Cambodia & The Mekong (2017) : Mekong Navigator from $5,359.00 (USD)
Destination: Asia/Far East
Ship: Mekong Navigator
OVERVIEWA fascinating, rewarding and multilayered adventure.
GLOBUS 2017: Southern California with Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Parks with Extended Stay i from $3,429.00 (USD)
Vibrant cities, unique experiences, and striking landscapes?
GLOBUS 2017: Italian Sampler (LQ) from $1,949.00 (USD)
Italy appeals to the heart and soul of every traveler-with its historical significance and extraordinary beauty. It inspires a sense of romance, excitement, creativity, and amazing cuisine.
Wonders of New Zealand 2017 from $5,875.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Country ExplorerBrochure Type: The Australia and New Zealand Book 2017North and South Island with must-sees all the way, from the cityscapes of Auckland to the barren landscapes of Desert Road, serene Milford Sound to the jagged pancake ro...
Tropical Reef and Rainforest 2017 from $775.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Mini StayBrochure Type: Australia and New Zealand DT and SB 2017Explore this tropical paradise on a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef and a scenic train journey through the breathtaking rainforest.
Wonders of St Petersburg and Moscow 2017 from $2,025.00 (USD)
Tour Type: At LeisureBrochure Type: Europe At Leisure 2017The Imperial twin cities of Moscow and St.
Jewels of Italy from $975.00 (USD)
Tour Type: CostSaverBrochure Type: AWS Europe Asia America 1617 CostsaverEnjoy all the Jewels of Italy on this adventure of a lifetime.
2017: Tour & Cruise in Greece & Turkey (6580) from $2,562.00 (USD)
Ancient ruins, stunning scenery, sandy beaches, and the crystal-clear Aegean Sea's cradles of civilization, Greece and Turkey offer all of this and more.
2017: London, Paris & Rome with Extended Stay in Paris (DRS1) from $2,206.00 (USD)
The setting: London, Paris, Rome. The actors: you, your family, your friends. The plot: Excited travelers arrive in London and have a glorious time. With smiles plastered on their faces, they travel to Paris for another exciting experience.
2017: Barcelona Getaway (MB) from $867.00 (USD)
'Barcelona! Such a beautiful horizon. Barcelona! Like a jewel in the sun.' Freddie Mercury and opera singer Montserrat Caballe say it all in the song Barcelona. And no one brings you Barcelona like Monograms!
GLOBUS 2017: California Classics with San Diego (AAE) from $3,269.00 (USD)
From San Francisco to San Diego, see the famous sights of California on this spectacular vacation.
Wonderful France 2017 from $2,150.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Country ExplorerBrochure Type: Europe & Britain First Class 2017Pop the cork for a sparkling encounter with Paris, the French Riviera, Burgundy's gastronomic talents and the Roman footprints left on the French landscape centuries ago.
Egyptian Voyager 2017 from $2,295.00 (USD)
Tour Type: Country ExplorerBrochure Type: Eastern Mediterranean 2017A tale of a great emperor and beautiful queen are the highlights of this journey past temples, tombs and antiquities, cruising the mighty river Nile from Luxor to Aswan.
European Cavalcade End London 2017 from $2,975.00 (USD)
Tour Type: CostSaverBrochure Type: Europe Costsaver 2017Explore the romantic landscapes, charming medieval villages and stately capitals of Europe in this epic voyage past Amsterdam, Paris and Rome, with a stay in the Bay of Naples and visits to Lyon...
2017: New York, Niagara Falls & Washington DC with Extended Stay in New York City (8002) from $1,824.00 (USD)
On this affordable vacation, arrive in the 'Big Apple' and venture northwest through the Pocono Mountains to upstate New York. Cross the border to the Canadian side of the Niagara River and spend two nights in beautiful Niagara Falls.
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